Quasar Standard Schnauzers are located in Amissville, Va. In 2003, we acquired our first Standard Schnauzer, a beautiful male from Asgard Standard Schnauzers, "CH Asgard Oliver Twist". It is from the distinguished Asgard Pedigree of over 40 years that Quasar Standard Schnauzers has its foundation. We then acquired our beautiful girl from Asgard and will continue the tradition of these outstanding lines. The first Quasar litter was born in May 2008, consisting of nine beautiful puppies. This was CH Asgard Quasar Shining Star's first litter. She has been a great Mom!!

         Quasar Standard Schnauzers are bred for solid temperament making them great family members and are great with children. These are sound and athletic working dogs that excel in a variety of events such as Rally, Obedience and Herding - yes herding. The Standard Schnauzer was developed as an all purpose farm dog to guard, rat and herd. They excel at it. They love having a job.

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